“IP Office” is Avaya’s most versatile phone system.

Avaya 9508 Telephone Set

Not sure whether you need VOIP or Digital, depending on your cabling infrastructure we will help you decide. Avaya IP Office is a hybrid system that can do both. So if you need digital today and want to move into VOIP in the future we have you covered.

The IP Office can handle from 2 to 3000 users, all with “Visual Voice Mail” sent directly to your Email.

Yes that’s right, all of your Voice Mail messages are sent directly to your Email, this is a free feature of the IP Office system.

Cabling, let’s talk cabling….if you have a working system now that needs replacing, chances are your cabling will handle the new IP Office system. Since it’s digital and VOIP it can run on existing cabling. We will access your cabling for free and get you a quote on the most versatile system on the market.

Multiple Sites?

Do have a business that has multiple sites that need to stay in touch, ask about how the IP Office system can tie your locations together and make inter-office communications simple and affordable. We can build a unified calling pattern that will allow you to transfer calls to your other locations with a button push. Imagine never having to have your customer dial more than one number.

Avaya IP Office
Avaya IP Office

Let us evaluate your needs, we are communication experts that have years of experience designing systems that work for you and your office.

Types of inbound Services

The IP Office uses any number of inbound services like, tradition analog lines to SIP Trunking to PRI. No matter your system needs we are Nevada’s choice for professional system design.

We come to you

Covering Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Minden, Gardnerville, Fernley, Fallon, Winnemucca, we are your licensed, insured and bonded choice for your new phone system. Call 775 626-3454