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Business Telephone systems

Premise Based VOIP for Reno, NV

Star2Star Polycom VVX 601

We are the Avaya Certified Experts in the Reno area

Systems we service:

We Specialize in Business Telephone systems that fit your business’s needs, we can tailor a system for you that will save you money and give you features that will make your entire office more efficient and handle your calls correctly.  We can save you up to 50% on your phone bill.

Ask about our phone system servicing and repair.

Avaya IP OfficeAvaya IP Office

The Avaya IP Office system is a scalable system that can be as small as two phones to 3000, if you have multiple sites or locations we can tie them together and make them seamless.

Save money by: Deploying a hybrid solution. Use IP, digital, analog or SIP technology in any combination. Use SIP trunking, this uses VOIP based on Session Initiation Protocol and delivers your phone service via the Internet. Can save your hundreds per month.

Avaya 9508 Digital phone for Reno, NV

Avaya 9508

Supported telephony devices

  • IP phones
  • Digital phones
  • Analog phones
  • Softphones
  • Analog and Digital Cordless (including DECT)
  • Any mix of the above

Star2Star VOIP Systems for Reno, NV

VOIP Done Right!


Polycom VVX 411

Star2Star’s Unique Hybrid Architecture, Unrivaled Customer Service And Support, And Unmatched Dedication To Customers makes Star2Star the perfect choice.

Get in on Star2Star’s Lifetime Warranty.  All Star2Star’s components have a lifetime warranty with next day replacement, no other system can provide Star2Star’s level of service.

Star2Star offers products and services to our customers that are unmatched in the industry, and our satisfaction rates reflect this. Star2Star customers love the level of call quality and reliability that competitors just can’t provide, our peerless advanced unified communications (UC) features, our total commitment to their satisfaction, and much more. Our customers love that we do all of the heavy lifting, allowing them to focus on building their businesses and not worrying about if they are missing calls. No one in the unified communications as a service (UCaaS) space can rival Star2Star’s full service.  Star2Star is a hybrid system like no other guaranteeing                                                                 100% call quality.  Experience the quality that you deserve with Star2Star; makes sure you will be satisfied 100%.

Save up to 50% on you phone bill by choosing Star2Star!  Tell the phone company to take a hike.  Call for a free quotation, save money now.

Disaster Avoidance and Recovery

In a disaster situation, you could lose business for days or weeks without a reliable phone connection. With Star2Star’s StarRecovery system, you’ll never have to worry again, no matter what happens.

One of Star2Star’s many business communications solutions, StarRecovery is an innovative disaster recovery system that allows your business to maintain telephone service despite power, telephone, and Internet outages, or even destruction of your facilities.

If you experience an outage at your business, our StarRecovery System will immediately detect the problem and automatically take over as your phone system.

Calls will be rerouted to designated employee cell phones, landlines, or another office location

Main or departmental numbers can be routed to an auto attendant or to a group of numbers

StarRecovery also provides all the features and functionality of a Star2Star business communications phone system, including:

  • Unlimited voice mail
  • Email delivery of voicemail
  • Customized call routing
  • Conference rooms

With StarRecovery, your emergency plan is always in place, all the time, sending your customers the message that you’re the most reliable business in your industry. Best of all, the entire StarRecovery system is in the cloud. It does not rely on any facilities or equipment at your business location and does not cost anything to deploy.





A sophisticated system that keeps you connected to customers


Unlike many competitors’ systems, Allworx gives you the luxury of choice in telephone technology. Our systems support both analog and VoIP phones — in any combination. That means you can adapt new technology all at once, or build up gradually. Either way, you have entered into the world of effortless communication.

How do you decide whether to stay with analog or switch to VoIP? Allworx can help you determine which phone is right for you.

User features:

  • Full PBX & Key System
  • Presence Management
  • Multi-site Integration
  • Unified Messaging
  • Voice Over Internet


A pure VoIP and fully SIP compliant solution designed specifically for hospitality for any size hotel.

PhoneSuite Voiceware

Technology is changing the way we do business, and the expectations of our customers. Take advantage of the advances in communication that captures the attention of your guests, lowers your operating costs, and improves your customer service. Voiceware runs anywhere, runs anything, provides a unique browser-based front desk console, and does it all without expensive equipment upgrades.

Prefer hosted monthly service over up-front purchase?

Today’s Technology with the Future in Mind

Built using the latest VoIP technology, Voiceware is designed specifically for hotel use. It is based on an open standards platform to further protect your investment by not tying your phone system to a proprietary platform, and to facilitate new features and functionality as technology continues to evolve.

How it Works

For Your Guests:

  • Wakeup calls and voicemail prompts are delivered in the guest’s native language – with additional options including scheduling of daily, weekend only, and weekday only. Wakeup messages can include the weather forecast, snooze, and transfer to room service options.
  • Extensive guest information, automated answering, automated messaging, and voicemail.
  • Check out from room phone option (requires property management system with remote check out interface enabled).
  • Compatible with all hotel guest phone speed dial buttons, whether SIP or analog.

For Your Front-Desk:

  • Powerful browser-based console offers more functionality and an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.
  • Find guests or staff easily by name, then one click to call or transfer a call.
  • Pop-up screen of guest information any time you answer a guest’s call including name, native language, VIP status, group affiliation, outbound dialing permissions, wakeup calls and more.
  • Setting wakeup calls is intuitive and fast with a complete activity log to see who set, answered or canceled wakeup calls.
  • Integrates with all known Property Management Systems.

For Your Staff:

  • Ability to run full-featured SIP phones from a variety of manufacturers, including soft phones.
  • Extensive find me / follow me capabilities.
  • Voicemail to email forwarding.
  • Ability to handle multiple calls simultaneously.
  • Unlimited call / staff groupings, ring groups, and role-based queues.
  • Automatic or on-demand staff call recording.
  • Unlimited number of extensions.


SIP or Analog — Run the latest SIP phones or your existing analog phones in the guestroom – your choice. Either way, your staff and guests can utilize the full set of advanced features available in Voiceware.

Host it Your Way — Voiceware can be run locally or hosted “in the cloud,” offering your choice of a CAPex- or OPex-weighted approach. This also allows you the ability to keep system maintenance responsibility within your organization, or utilize the experts at PhoneSuite to monitor and update the system for you.

Feature Rich — The best of today’s and tomorrow’s phone system technology, with powerful, modern administrative features, advanced guest tools and interaction capabilities, and a new and more efficient approach to front desk communications. New features are added quarterly – based on market needs and your requests.

Scalable — Voiceware runs any size hotel with the same set of features. No property is too big or too small. Starting now, your phone system can be consistent among all your properties

Economical — PhoneSuite has been the hospitality-focused phone system price leader since 1998, and this philosophy continues with our latest technological advance. We are focused on providing the hospitality industry with more features at a better price.

Business Telephone Systems is our Business, Communications is more important now than ever, leave it to FCC Communications, Inc. to do it right!