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Need Computer Cabling?Reno Computer Cabling

FCC Communications is a local Reno Computer Cabling company that can meet all of your computer cabling needs.

Whether it’s 1-cable or 1000, our certified and trained technicians will install, label and test each cable to make sure it’s perfect.

Reno Computer Cabling

We have been cabling facilities in the Reno area for 18 years, hundreds of customers have experienced our capable technicians professionalism and courtesy.  We will make sure that your business’s impact will be minimized during installation so that you can get to work doing what you need to quickly.

Reno Computer CablingCabling Services Offered

  • Category cabling, Cat-5E, Cat-6, Cat-6A
  • Fiber Optic, Multi-mode/Single-mode, 50um 10-G
  • Troubleshooting:  We will troubleshoot your cabling and find out what is causing any problems onsite
  • Networking: Our technicians can troubleshoot and find problems on your network
  • Expand your Network: Are you ready to expand and grow your network, ask our experts about what you need
  • WiFi: Are needing to expand your wireless reach and connectivity, we will measure your space and design a wireless application that will work for you.
  • T-1/Circuit Extensions

  Consulting Services

Our trained staff can evaluate your network and increase it’s reliability and Security, when it comes to your network trust only the best.  We understand and adhere to the latest EIA/TIA cabling standards.

Opening a new location?  We can design an infrastructure to fit your needs now and in the future.  Moving large files ask about our 10-G solutions.

We install Fiber Optics, we will build your Main Distribution Frame and all of your Intermediate Distribution Frames and tie them together with Fiber. Indoor or Outdoor, we can tie your systems together.  Fiber is not as expensive as you think.

Ask for our customer list to see what our satisfied local customers say about FCC Communications, your Reno Computer Cabling experts.